dont forget to wash your hands

hi im damie...havent we met before?

he/him, 17, here are my other lynks

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i going to Get You

no you wont



ew again??

pp boy

the prince of pens is BACK

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fun fact about this style: i don't just slap down a black layer and draw in white, i literally block in the shapes in black and leave the lines as empty space. i don't know why i do it like this.

no twau content??

god i really gotta feed everybody on every website i post on huh

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some of my favourite frames so far for the storybook-esque frames for my lit presentation!

i got some compression gloves so i can start doodling again w/o destroying my wrist.........

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eznii -

i honestly spent way too long on this for no reason

wait whats the diff between image and art post


why is my icon so fuzzy and ugly

bibby woof

ohh my beautiful boy . where did he go

damien broke his leg so he wont be competing in this years mathletes tournament

um its me lol

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Out of Touch Thursday!

[link to the video meme reference with a video description]

Out of Touch Thursday!

[ID: a red-purple toned digital portrait painting of Konata Izumi from anime Lucky Star in her school outfit. She’s lying on a blank red-purple background, facing and looking at the viewer. She holds two choco cornets in her hands near her face. She’s smiling playfully, as she could give a cornet to the viewer but she won’t. End ID]

testing testing

first post wowie!

lynks asked:

i going to Get You

no you wont